Friday, May 11, 2018

Hats For the Men Folk and a special delivery on VIDEO

Big News!  I discovered what to do with that iMovie thing on my phone. My poor, long suffering husband, is none too thrilled.  It was bad enough having me photograph the world, but now our little day trips are being filmed. You'll hear him, in the video, subtly ask,  "Will you be video taping the whole drive home?" 

Well, in other news I made a man's hat and I really enjoyed it and I plan to make more.  This might not seem newsworthy because, after all, what's the difference between a man's hat and woman's hat?  I suppose the general answer is tradition and shape and the more specific answer is leaving off the plethora of flowers. 

The latter is remarkably challenging for me.  I like to make flowers.  What can I say?  I often attempt plainer hats and then my hands just take over and before I know it I've created a botanical garden head piece.  It's bigger than me.  But now, with my beautiful, antique straw braid sewing machine, I have found the right dose of creativity in the hat construction itself to abstain from flower madness.

So, Peter asked me to make him a very wide brim garden hat and because Peter and his partner Alasdair live in Port Medway, Nova Scotia and Port Medway happens to be one of my favourite places on this planet, and also because Alasdair makes amazing marmalade,  I was only too happy to hand deliver the hat.  The bonus was a lovely tour of Peter and Alasdair's home and garden.

A visit to Port Medway, necessarily means a visit to the Port Grocer Cafe.  I'd call the Port Grocer a restaurant, but it's really more of  a community hub. You'll see a bit of the Port Grocer and its cheerful owner, Annabelle, in the video. You'll also see our trip home on the Lahave Ferry. This is a five minute cable ferry ride across the Lahave river.  It's a regular part of our lives here in Nova Scotia.

At the end of the video I added a little walk through Lunenburg.  Just because it's so damn glorious here and also because I'm playing with iMovie. 

Hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of my charmed existence.


Lilbitbrit said...

I love the video. There is something about the movies. I guess it's the movement. LOL Fun, fun.

Also think your new hats for men are great. That sewing machine purrs along. It's a beauty.

Have a great weekend.


Alissa Whalen said...

I loved your video! Thank you so much :)