Monday, May 29, 2017

Ivy Rose Storms Sick Kids Hospital

I almost love everything about this photo.  This is beautiful Ivy Rose marching into The Hospital for Sick Children for round three of chemo.

I love this photo because it is just so Ivy Rose. Her stance says, let's do this!  I love that her doll is always with her and I love that she loves the hat I made for her.

Well, it's no surprise that she loves it.  She designed it.  Anyone that knows Ivy rose knows that she is not shy about directing the world.  Her instructions to me were clear....I want a wide brim hat, with a floppy brim and a pink bow.  Well, O.K. then, Ivy.  That's what you get.  There was a brief moment where I almost put a flower on the hat, but Ivy's voice came into my head loud and clear....I said a bow, no flower!

 Ivy Rose was born and raised in Lunenburg, so I have had the pleasure of watching her take over the world.
The first time she got cancer at four years old, we all just watched in awe as she handled every obstacle with grace, humour and determination. And when she was clear of cancer we continued to watch as she never let a limp slow her down.  Ivy is a walking inspiration.

The part that I don't love about the photo is that it is the photo of a nine year old girl who is once again battling cancer.
This is Ivy with her beautiful mom, Meghan.  Meghan is also a pillar of strength, but she seriously needs our help.  For at least the next year, Meghan's full time job will be to take care of Ivy Rose as she goes through very aggressive treatment.  There is an ongoing fund for Meghan, so that she can at least not worry about money.
When you click on the link you will see that people have been very generous, but please continue to give.  The cost of Ivy Rose's medication alone is somewhere around $1000/month.  Please, please, please donate.
No mother should ever have to go through this. The very least we can do is take some of her burden away.

Click here to donate

Ivy, please send photos when you have rearranged all the furniture at the hospital.

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