Friday, May 19, 2017

Hats, Rainbows, Sunsets and Breaking up with Facebook

What a week it's been.   I made hats, I sold hats, I received heartwarming messages from happy customers, gardened, walked my dog, talked to the man and the boy and, oh yeah...I broke up with Facebook.

 After years of screaming at my screen, I decided to take control. I'm tired of a world that steals my ability to read a book,  think, work and like people.  I'll still use it to share my blogs and I'll glance over the latest gossip, but I'm going to reclaim my long form life. It's been about a week and I can't tell you how much happier I am without it.

But enough about that.  Let's talk about Beautiful Jamie, instead. These photos are courtesy of Eyes on Windsor.  Jamie participates in the annual Tweed ride, in Windsor, Ontario.

She asked me to make this hat for her to match her handmade vest.  I love everything about her outfit and am completely covetous of her boots.  Her man is also dashing, but really, you can't compete with Jamie.

Speaking of wonderful customers.  This is Amy, in Michigan.  A true starlet.  I think this is Amy's fourth, maybe fifth Hat Junkie hat. It's really been so much fun for me to develop long distance relationships with my customers.  The ability to connect with people far away is the sunny side of the internet.

Connecting to people near by is also a sunny thing.  And what better place to chat with my neighbours and tourists alike than at The Lunenburg Farmers Market.  You can find me there every Thursday morning from 8-12.  In my humble opinion (which is not really that humble) we have one of  the best Farmers Markets in Nova Scotia. It has everything.  Two large bakeries, several smaller ones, a coffee roaster,  two butchers, cheese makers, two hatters, artists, a knife sharpener, two florists, painters, a potter, sometimes a weaver, a wood worker, maple syrup, honey, jams and Kimchi, and now Danette from Seadog Bags will be back next week.  You see what I mean? It's simply amazing.
 Beautiful Sydney walked by my booth yesterday and this hat literally jumped on her head.  Really, I'm not making that up.  It jumped off the mannequin onto her head and they lived happily ever after.

Although I think that everyone should come to Lunenburg and prance around this pretty town, I know that life sometimes gets in the way.  So, if you live in Halifax, I just shipped a batch of Suitcase Sally hats to Lady Luck Boutique.  They now have two stores, one in The Hydrostone Market and one in Dartmouth.  I'll also be doing a Trunk show in the Hydrostone store on June 3rd. (Don't worry, I'll remind you.)

I'll leave you with two Lunenburg shots from this week.  Sometimes you can just tell that the sky is about to show off.  I saw this one coming and ran out the door, phone in hand, screaming, "I'm off to chase the sunset.  Be back soon."  I was right.

This one I owe to Tony.  I was in a cranky mood when Tony beckoned from outside.  I shook my head... No.  
He nodded his head.... Yes.  We repeated this a couple times and then I relented.  I was rewarded by a double rainbow.  Hard to stay cranky for long around these parts.  


Roxanne said...

Your blog Your great talent, your view of the world brings me joy. I would appreciate following your blog Anna. I have read about your struggle to carry on with your with your business' of "chapeau" design while fighting town hall. Your talent & tenacity prevailed. Wishing you all the best of success.

Linda said...

Lovely post, and beautiful photos! I MUCH prefer my blog over Facebook, any day! Good for you! Warm greetings from Montreal. :)