Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lunenburg Winter

Lunenburg in the winter is really a pretty good place to be. When the leaves and flowers are gone, the sky and the colourful buildings will sustain you until spring.

Pretty much every morning starts with a walk through the cemetary.  I love these two trees.  I think of them as an old married couple.

Beautiful St. John's Anglican Church.  Home to plenty of beautiful music.  The inside is as beautiful as the outside.

The entire town is a hill, so there are so many places to see the roof tops.  I love going into people's houses and looking our their windows.  A different perspective from every house.

Lincoln st. Not seen in this photo is the very patient dog who wonders why its human stops so many times and doesn't even bother to sniff anything.

Every once in a while I leave town.  Well, I crossed the town line.  This photo was taken in Garden lots which is one step past Lunenburg.  (25 minute walk from my home.)

There's something geometrical going on here.

I have been walking through this town for over eight years and there is not a day that I don't see something new.