Monday, May 23, 2016

Affordable Studio Space With a View

No, I am not becoming a realtor on the side and I have no plans to move out of my beautiful home-based business.  I just happened to be taking my morning walk when Lego saw a young woman doing some construction on Lincoln st and he insisted that there would be no moving forward until we said hello.  Then she asked if I was "that hat lady" and since she looked friendly enough I admitted that I was.  She explained that she was fixing up some office/studio space so that it could be rented out and would I like to come take a look.  Lego said yes and I just followed him up the stairs.

Well, upstairs happens to be pretty damn nice.  It's above The Elephant Trading Co. on Lincoln st. There are five available rooms and they range between $200-$300 plus shared utilities.   You really can't beat that.  Of course when I look at the space I see artist co-op, but these would make great office spaces, too.  The right creative person could organize a co-working space.  The possibilities are endless.  Sort of.

 All the rooms have a lot of natural light.

I don't think I have ever seen a bad view in Lunenburg.

Really, the rooms are nice. 

There's a shared kitchen and two bathrooms. If you are interested in renting one of these rooms or if you want to be a visionary, rent the whole space and pick and choose your studio/office mates, give a call to 902-634-1100.  It's a pretty sweet deal.