Saturday, March 12, 2016

When Elegance Walks In

Yesterday I got a call from this lovely lady in Granville Ferry, NS, which is about 2 hours from Lunenburg.  She said she had an old hat that she just loved and asked if I could reproduce it.  I explained that this is something I rarely do, but the answer was maybe.  Sometimes I do fall in love with a shape and take the challenge on.  I suggested she send me a photo.  Oh, I would just love to have an excuse to visit the South Shore, she said.  I have the perfect adventure friend.  We'll see you Saturday.  Well, O.K., I replied, as long as you are prepared for me to say no.

She walked in to my studio with her travel companion and I felt, as often happens, that this was not a customer, this was a new friend.  She showed me the hat and I explained that I could not reproduce it, but she found two other hats which suited her needs.  She also brought her show and tell wedding hat made by the inimitable Karyn Gingras from Lilliput hats. (the one in the photo is the one she bought from me.)

She asked for a recommendation of where to have lunch and I directed her to The Salt Shaker Deli and I made sure to also let her know where our two bookstores are located,  Lunenburg Bound and Lexicon Books and since she clearly had a penchant for beautiful clothes, I directed her to Luvly in Lunenburg and also told her that while many tourists stick to Montague st., that Lincoln st. is filled with great shops like Jenny Jib.
I will need to custom make her second hat.  I offered to ship it to her, but she insisted that she would like the excuse to have to return this way.  Well, O.K., No arguments from me.  And best of all, she brought me some homemade Marmalade.  Nova Scotia is a pretty special place.

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