Friday, March 18, 2016

Fancy Pants Cafe - Oh, Hello Bridgewater.

Last week a friend needed a ride to Bridgewater, so while she was at her appointment I decided to go see what was happening on King st.   Bridgewater is your classic story of a town that lost its main street to big box stores.  Somewhere along the road, some really poor planning choices were made and the town has had a bit of a down and out feeling for some time.  But something special is happening and its happening right before our very eyes.  Between a local council, making some wonderful decisions like the Take Back the Riverbank  project and  young families with vision and courage starting businesses, the town is coming back.  It's pretty exciting to watch.

I walked into Fancy Pants Cafe and I was simply blown away.  It was filled with young Moms, adorable children and even some people without kids who were there to have an amazingly good Latte.
 some very satisfied customers.

This place is any parent's dream.  Not only can you treat your child to healthy kid friendly food...

Your little ones can play to their hearts content while you stare off into space and try to remember what sleeping through the night feels like.  I so remember those days and I would have driven for hours to have an uninterrupted conversation and cup of good coffee with a friend. And for the record, I had the best bagel.  it tasted like an honest to goodness Montreal Bagel and was baked locally.

I'm always amazed by people like Michelle (the owner of Fancy Pants) who are brave enough to be Pioneers of revitalization.  Walking into a place that is struggling and being able to look at an empty store front and say, If I build it, they will come and then just doing it, is so inspirational.  It's people like Michelle that are The Change we are looking for in Nova Scotia.  So, as I sat, drinking my latte and staring out the window, I couldn't help fantasizing about that beautiful vacant building across the street.  Would make a pretty beautiful hat shop.  It was just a fantasy. For right now, I am in the perfect place, but I'm seeing a real open hearted, welcoming spirit in Bridgewater and property prices are still very affordable.  That's something to seriously pay attention to.  The Interval Cafe has also opened up down the road and there is also a wonderful new Thai Restaurant  a new co-working space and a pretty awesome shoe store

There's good stuff happening in Bridgewater.

Extra note: This link to a beautiful video that shows the vision of Bridgewater just came my way in a comment.  It brings tears to my eyes.  It's so hopeful.  Watch here.



baroing said...

Check out their energy management plan, they are doing excellent work reducing the Town's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and have set aggressive targets for further reductions (link to plan at the bottom of the page):

hatjunkie said...

Thanks for that link. It's amazing. I just added it to the end of the blog.

Elspeth McLean-Wile said...

Let's start a conversation about what could go into the old Cummings bldg. It's for sale? What would people like to see ?

PamJWM said...

Did you happen to check out Art Happening too? It's just down a block or two from Fancy Pants!

Ashton Rodenhiser said...

Thanks Pam! :)
Great Idea Elspeth! Would love to see something cool in there, it's such in a neat buildling with so much potential!

hatjunkie said...

I did, I did see art happening...I even took a photo. All so exciting. I was trying not to overwhelm with information. Maybe a whole other post is in order.