Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Breath of Fresh Air

When I most need to look at and experience beauty it walks in my door.  This is Donna.  She came to visit a couple of weeks back from the Annapolis Valley and walked away with a new garden hat, but she also ordered a hand dyed, organic jersey cloche from me.  My challenge was to dye a paprika shade of red.  I believe I passed with flying colours.  (might look different on your screeen, so just take my word for it.)

The thought that this magnificent woman will be a walking advertisement for me is just too good to be true.  I suppose I should more consider her an ambassador of hat goodness.  I am going to grow up to be Donna.

Excuse the blurry photo, but THE SHOES!  Too bad I didn't photograph the heels.  They are just exquisite.  Most hat lovers also have shoe fetishes.  They are like sister addictions.  Would you believe that these shoes are hand made in NS?  The shoe maker's name is Fred Langtin and he lives in Granville Ferry.  Click HERE for his web site.  Donna even has her own, personal lasts.  I will be saving my pennies.  I don't need much of an excuse to head to Annapolis Royal (next to Granville Ferry)  A visit to a someone who does such beautiful work is all the motivation I need.

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