Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Big Mouth - The Changing of The Blogs

When I was a little girl and I was scared to ask for something or stick up for myself, my mother would say, 
"Anna, God gave you a mouth.  Use it!"  I am sure she came to regret this advice, as I was known as something of a volatile child, but six months ago, after  exhausting all my other avenues of being heard, my mother's words came back to me and I took to my blog to try to bring attention to a problem affecting many small businesses in Nova Scotia.

I, naively, believed that all would be solved quickly and that in a short time I would be able to return to my love of promoting this beautiful place that I call home, other local businesses, and the ups and downs of motherhood. Fifty seven blog posts later,  I have come to terms with the fact that shutting up about things that I feel strongly about is not in my genetic make up, but I have also come to see that this blog is no longer the place to express my views and bring light to some of the challenges of people living in Nova Scotia.

Pretty hats and beauty and nature and being a parent are topics where people, who may disagree on many issues, can still find common ground.  Common ground is as important to me as speaking out, so I have decided that this blog needs to be a happy place.  

Yesterday, I moved all my politically charged blog posts over to a new blog.  I spent a lot of time convincing an algorithm that I was not a robot writing 57 posts in one day.  You now have a choice - If you want to know a little bit about the me that loves Nova Scotia, making beautiful things,  drinking wine with friends, laughing, my family, my dog and supporting all things local then follow me here.  But if you want to hear me use the mouth I was given, to bring to light the things that are uncomfortable to talk about, in the hopes that talking about it will help move these issues forward...well then, hop on over to my other blog.  Or, heck, if you want to see that it is possible to love where you are, but also want to make things better, then just flip back and forth between the channels.  
Click HERE for my other blog and I'll let you know how to stay in touch.

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