Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Competition - Edie

I know I should be in competition with another curly haired, ex dancer, mad as a loon hat maker that also happens to live in Nova Scotia, but the fact is, I just adore her.  What's a girl to do.  How can I feel anything but love for a woman that happens to love all the same things as I do.

So, on Thursday when I happened to hit the wall and was ready to go hide in a cabin in the woods for some time, my wise husband suggested I give Edie a call.  Edie, want to run away with me?........Of course I do.  You see, a kindred spirit.

Notice any similarity here?  My great escape began with a trip to Edie's house in Timberlea. Just a modest little suburban home but walk down to her basement and.....

This is what you will find.  Paradise on earth.  Edie is a true master milliner.  She at one point had one of the largest hat shops in Canada, called Edie hats, on Granville Island in Vancouver.  She is also an unbelievable costumer.  She knows anything and everything there is to know about historical fashion and she is also trained as a men's hatter.

I could have just curled up in a pile of fabric and spent the whole weekend in Edie's studio.

But we had bigger plans.  I thought that this was just two mad hatters running away for the weekend, but Edie explained to me that we were actually having our first annual east coast milliner's convention.  (we can expand that title if anyone else wants to join us)  Seeing that this title made our getaway tax deductible, I decided to go with it.

I'll post more from our adventure tomorrow.

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Edie Orenstein said...

The adoration is mutual my dear!! what a delightful , healing and inspiring couple of days we spent. thank you for your beautiful humour and wonderful intelligence. Im so looking forward to encouraging more enthusiastic, interested people to our fledgling association. xoxoxo