Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Touchy Feely Christmas Message

The following blog is brought to you by a little extra something that I poured into my coffee.
Was just thinking back to an Ideas on CBC episode that I heard over a year ago.  Whoever was speaking was talking about how every major religion begins with the welcoming of a stranger.  That's it.  When I heard it, it blew my mind.  I thought, that's the gold standard of how we are doing as human beings in this world.

I'm grateful to live in a town where there really is so much generosity.  I walked into the farmers market and the first thing I saw was a table of people collecting donations for the Syrian refugee families that will be arriving here.  So many people doing good things.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Whatever.  Here's to a welcoming and generous new year.
Lots of Love.  Anna   (Hope I won't regret this post in the morning.)

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Commercial tax payer said...

Ah, but we still have to watch those CFA's don't we? 😇