Monday, December 14, 2015

Anna Goes to The City

When I signed off yesterday,  I was just about to curl up into a ball and settle in for the night in a pile of Edie's fabrics, but instead Edie and I decided to head into Halifax.... to look at more fabric.
Patch is a beautiful little shop on Robie st. in the North end of Halifax. It is filled with pretty things.

I have a weakness for pretty things.  I had no idea safety pins could be so beautiful.  I needed to buy those safety pins and I have been staring at them all day.
Eventually, the young lady working at Patch wanted to go home and we were evicted onto the street.  Edie and I walked around the North end while blabbing and gabbing.  I had confessed to Edie that I hadn't yet found a part of Halifax that stole my heart.
Edie grew up in Purcell's Cove and used to secretly meet up with her boyfriend in the North end back in the seventies (against her parents' wishes).  Apparently, there were no trendy restaurants in that part of town back then.  It was so fun to walk around with her and hear her stories.  Loved this skinny little house.  I can now say that there is an area of Halifax that has stolen my heart.  The North end appeals to my inner, shallow, trendy self.

There was just so much good food everywhere and beautiful, overpriced little niche grocery stores.  I'm really not above that.  I did draw the line at buying the Gluten free shampoo.  I just couldn't go there.
We had dinner at this incredible restaurant called, Agricola st. Brasserie.    Oh my Lord, that was good.  Really good.  Everything.  The atmosphere, all the beautiful people with beautiful hair, the meal, the deserts....  Sometimes you have to splurge.  But, like I said in my last post, this was actually a tax deductible business meal,  exchanging millinery techniques, suppliers, visions of the hat future, etc.,   ahem, cough, cough....

After filling up on my dose of city life,  we headed back to Edie's place for the night and in the morning set out on our next adventure.  Part three tomorrow.

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