Sunday, November 1, 2015

For The Love of Colour

I have a little obsession with colour.  If I look back on my life I can see that it's always been this way.  I remember sitting on a subway in New York City and using all my powers of restraint to not take a little cutting from the skirt of the woman standing in front of me.

It's no wonder then that one little photo of Lunenburg's waterfront viewed from my computer screen in my former home in upstate NY caused me to make the proclamation to Tony that we would be moving to Nova Scotia.  Two years later we landed in Lunenburg and there is not a day that goes by that I am not overwhelmed by its beauty.
But paint is just paint.  It's the true colours of Lunenburg that steal my heart.  My daily walks through the graveyard, the back harbour trail and  the colours of the sky and the plants.  Even if every house in Lunenburg was painted grey (God forbid) I would still be in love with this town.
But the most vivid colours of all come from the colourful people.  This is John.  For the life of me I can't remember his last name, but we just call him Johnny Knot.  John can be found most beautiful days sitting by the waterfront, selling knots.  Every knot comes with a story and a sales pitch that will have you in stitches.  One woman stopped to look and then said she had to go check with her husband who was waiting in the car.  John yelled after her, "Tell him I'll lend him the money!"  And he probably would, too.  If there's a sunny weekend before winter hits us, be sure to walk by and see if he's there.  Stop for a chat and be prepared to have the money charmed out of your wallet.  It'll be worth it.  I promise.

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