Friday, July 31, 2015

Kinda Cute, Don't You Think?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a rather adorable sign.  (If I may say so myself)

There's your close up.   And now a little bit about the dream team that brought me this sign.
It was designed by my friend Andrea Dixon who is quite the famous accessory designer in Toronto.

My huband, Tony, of The Lunenburg Furniture Co.  made and painted the sign for me.  You can see all the furniture he has ever made for me, including our bed, in his showroom at 151 Montague st.  He says now that the sign is up, he can see that there is no need to paint the house.

There was only one person who possibly could have painted the lettering and that is the impeccable, Micheline Courtemanche.  She's just one of those quiet people that is perfect at everything.

And last but not least, Rick Marchand, one of the incredible artists that have been drawn to beautiful Lunenburg, made me the sign bracket.  He's a knife maker and wanted me to be sure to tell you that he had a lot of fun making this for me, but has no intention of ever making one again.  Check out his site, though, because his work will blow you away.  He also assured me that aside from a drill, no modern tools were used in the making of it.  (welders, grinders, etc.,)  It is completely Old Town Compliant.

Stop by and see me sometime.

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svelteSTUFF said...

SO GLAD that you have a sign!!
We recently roadtripped from Central NY state to Nova Scotia, and while out venturing along the coast, made a stop in Lunenberg. Tried looking you up (my husband -J- is determined that I should ditch my current Summer hat!!), thought that we had found your home, but didn't see any signs, so didn't stop 8-( ~ NEXT TIME!! L.O.V.E the sign!!!