Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Don't Cry for Me Texas

Today this Mabel Rose hat begins its journey to sunny Texas where, I hear from my customer, the temperatures are now in the seventies.  So, I am sending along my deepest concern and sympathies for anyone living in a warm climate who is not afforded the opportunity to enrich their moral character by way of fighting the elements.

While the sun penetrates your skin, warming your soul and relaxing your muscles, we here in the frozen North are building strength both physically and spiritually.  Perhaps you may be swimming in your outdoor pools and sipping Pina Coladas, but we here are building thunder thighs stepping over snow banks to cross the roads.  As we trudge down the barely existent, icy sidewalks, we develop a heightened sense of balance.  We learn to take our time, lest we fall on our asses. My back and neck have become so incredibly strong from shoveling snow and having to throw it on top of an 8 foot snow bank.  You probably have to pay for this sort of work out.

I am concerned as well for your immune systems.  We get to fight colds and flu on a daily basis.  My own son has sneezed on this very key board so many times that I feel confident that my own immune system could withstand a cholera epidemic.

Speaking of sons....How do you live without snow days?  Do you even know how to play Monopoly for hours on end?  Is sorry just a word to you or are you aware that it is a bored  board game?

What must it be like seeing color everywhere you go?  Do you realize what an advanced sense of color I have?  The other day, I would swear to you that I was seeing blue tones in the snow.  Have you any idea how many shades of grey there actually are?  More than fifty, I assure you.

So, my dearest southern belles, please accept my hats not only as a way to shade you from the sun, but as a token of true northern strength of character.  I will leave you with a photo of the view from my living room window.  If this doesn't say perseverance and fortitude, I don't know what does.  Don't cry for me, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Argentina.......Let me cry for you.

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