Monday, February 9, 2015

Amelia Earhart, Eat Your Heart Out

If Amelia Earhart was still around, I feel certain that she would have commissioned me to felt her a hat like this.  I also feel certain that she would have loved Linda Ruth, who did commission me to make this hat.
I met Linda Ruth a few weeks back at the Lunenburg Farmers Market and I realized pretty quickly that we were kindred spirits.  It's true, this sort of hat is not for everyone.  It is most certainly not for the timid at heart, but there is nothing timid at heart about Linda Ruth.  She called to tell me that she was coming to pick her hat up today because she had to cancel her snowboarding date due to the -15 C temperatures out there with a wind chill of bloody cold.
She brought with her a bag of mittens that she has been making from recycled wool.  They are sooo cute, I could hardly stand it and if it weren't for my electric bill, I would have succumbed.   When Linda Ruth is not bombing down a mountain, she can be found in her beautiful shop in Chester, Nova Scotia, hooking unbelievably intricate rugs and making mittens. Her shop is called Come by Chance Antiques and is five floors of beauty made by several artists.  Her facebook page can be found by clicking here.  

I am just having so much fun making these hats in various colour combinations for various strong willed, beautiful and creative women.  If you plan to take to the skies soon, be sure to drop me a line and I will get your flying cap made for you.

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