Monday, January 12, 2015

Never Too Old

I have often considered changing my business name from The Hat Junkie to the Hat Therapist.  You wouldn't believe the things I hear every time someone approaches me to look at hats...My nose is too big, my chin is too small, my forehead is too flat, I'm too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall and the one that really drives me over the edge, is too old.  You are never too old to wear hats. Go back not too far in history and you will see that older women dressed beautifully and always wore hats. 
This is beautiful Sandria.  Eighty two years old, with the sparkliest eyes you have every seen and she is sporting the Emma Rose hat that I custom made for her.  I did not say 82 years young.  She's not young.  She's old and beautiful and inspirational.  There is beauty at all stages of life.  So, if you need permission to look beautiful, here it is, from Sandria to you.  Go forth and wear pretty hats.

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