Monday, January 19, 2015

Lunenburg The Beautiful

Happy Monday morning.  That's a good one, right?  I have been hoarding thoughts to share with you on this blog regarding parenting and evil fifth grade science fair projects and the adventures of accidentally discovering the very existence of this science fair project two days before it's due date by way of another parent's Facebook post, but somehow, I just can't bring myself to revisit this experience.  So, instead I will share some photos of this beautiful town that I call home.  Ever since my sister in law donated her used iphone to me, I have been extremely snap happy.  I have no patience for lenses, apertures, focus and all that  other complicated photography paraphernalia, but I do love to have a little one click camera in my pocket to capture all the beauty around me.  Hope you enjoy them and hope they inspire you to visit me and see for yourself.
I call this,  Frozen Laundry on Donut Hill.  Not sure why this little path is called Donut hill.  Maybe it's because when you make it to the top you feel like you deserve a donut.

The front harbour of Lunenburg.  The front harbour is filled with ships and industry and the back harbour is peaceful and pastoral.

This is looking out over the back harbour onto First peninsula.   I couldn't quite capture what I was seeing, but it looked like part of a model railroad.

Every once in a while, on one of my morning walks with my trusted canine companion, I look back over my shoulder and catch a glimpse of magic.  This is the Lunenburg Academy.  Up until a few years ago it was the elementary school in town, but now it is being reborn as a home for The Lunenburg Academy of Music Peformance.  which is one more reason to come visit.  For, I believe, 20 weeks of the year the building is filled with world class, classical musicians giving workshops and performances.
So, there you have it.  More temptation.  Hope it's working. 

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