Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Talent in Lunenburg

Fall is in its full splendor in Lunenburg.  Every morning I walk the dog and marvel at the beauty of this amazing town I live in.  I also marvel at my inability to capture it in my photos.  Well, lucky me.  I have joined forces with one talented lady that lives right here.  Her name is Madeleine Kendall and she sure knows how to capture beauty.  Please visit her web site and consider her for when you might need a photographer, if you live in Nova Scotia.  Aside from being talented, she's also a wonderful person, a mom of two extremely adorable little girls and why not support someone like that.  Her web site is

This photo was taken on the back harbour trail of Lunenburg.  It was once the railroad track.  Almost looks like there is a train coming in the distance.  You can actually bike or walk for miles and miles on these trails, as they connect from town to town.    This hat is my Organic Charlotte hat, made from organic cotton and hemp fleece and hand dyed by me, just so that I can be sure to make things as time consuming as possible.

I think of this as polar fleece meets 1910.  This is my wide brim Margaret hat. Do you like my coat?  I found it in a local thrift shop for $12. It was just sitting there waiting for me.

I just love the reds in the background matching the red of my Organic Madeline headband.  I live in these headbands.  Some people dye their hair. I dye pretty fabric and put it in my hair.

Here Maddy (Madeleine) played with a photoshop technique where all but the hat is black and white.  This hat is Mabel Rose and is made from hand dyed organic cotton and hemp stretch jersey.

For quite some time, I have been wanting to photograph an older woman in my hats.  I strongly believe that there is beauty at every stage of the game and it drives me nuts when 17 year olds are used to sell clothing to 50 year olds.  Well, looks like I waited long enough to have become that older woman myself.  Now I need to go find a younger woman to photograph, so that people don't think my hats are only meant for senior citizens.  Don't take me too  seriously.  I'm not fishing for compliments here.  I'm just right there in the middle of life.  (I hope)  I'm actually enjoying my grey hair.

I'll leave you with this photo which was taken next to the lesser seen exterior of our Town Hall.  Aside from loving the composition of this shot,  I am also amused by how closely I ride the line between fashionable and bag lady.  To me it is a preview of a possible future self feeding pigeons in the park, calling tuppins, tuppins a bag.  But I'm not there yet.  Enjoy this beautiful season and if you can't capture it with a photo like Maddy does, you can always capture it with your eyes.