Sunday, May 4, 2014

Customer Appreciation Day

I'm having one of those female highly emotional days. Ya, you know what I mean. I'm just sitting here blubbering and thinking about how much I love my customers. I have also been crying over dog food commercials, but still, the feeling is real. The thing is, sometimes I get these great little pats on the back from some lucky newspaper feature or video and it's wonderful when it happens and sometimes I run into various brick walls and it's not so wonderful, but in the end the only thing that matters are these beautiful women of all ages that come and buy my hats. They are the ones that have made me one of the lucky craftspeople that actually gets to do this for a living. They are women from all walks of life and they all have stories and I love to hear them. Oh, good lord, I'm blubbering again. I'll get on with it. These three ladies didn't actually know each other, but you see the kind of love that hats inspire. Pictured here are Randi on the left (professor extraordinaire), Ruthie on the right and Judy in the middle.
One of my most colourful customers, Regina is a public service. In a town like Halifax where one discusses what shade of grey the sky is today, a woman who makes it her mission to dress as creatively and colourfully as she does is a site for sore eyes.
This is Evgenia. Really she is the daughter part of a mother and daughter hat team. Gali, the mom is just as beautiful and there are also two mini hat junkies in the group.
Anne is one of those inspiring ladies that always sees the bright side. Women like that are a beacon for me. I'm definitely a glass half empty kind of girl and when you meet ladies like Anne that are committed to milking every last bit of joy out of this life it puts the little things into perspective.
And then there are the countless women like Judy who I have never actually met, but have sold hats to over the internet or through a boutique that carries my hats and by way of back and forth messages and photos, our lives briefly cross. Judy contacted me because she works in her son's butcher shop in Ottawa and needs to keep her hair covered. You have to love a woman that wants to add a touch of beauty to the walk in fridge. I have just hit the bottom of my box of hat labels and by these calculations I have sold about 5000 hats in my Hat Junkie life, so to all those inspiring and beautiful women out there who have supported me over these last 20 year...I love you. This post has been brought to you by a serious hormonal imbalance and fueled by a pint of cookie dough ice cream.