Monday, November 4, 2013

A Walk Around Lunenburg

The other day my dad e-mailed me to see if my blog site was not working. He thought it odd that the last post was from August 31st. Hint well taken. So, here I am, coming up for air after having completed a few hundred hats for wholesale orders. Thought I'd bring you along on my morning walk through Lunenburg. Even in my most chaotic of self-employed milliner/mother/negligent wife/I don't have time to clean the bathroom frame of mind, there is not a day that goes by when I'm not overwhelmed by the beauty of the town I live in. (how's that for a run on sentence) Lunenburg has a beautiful back harbour trail, which Lego the dog and I walk on every morning. The boy gets on that big yellow bus and we are off.
This is my most favourite time of year. It's the light and the colours. It's different here. So much more intense. I'm not a photographer, so I can't really do it justice, but just believe me and come see for yourself.
We come off the trail, head up the hill to Pelham st. and this is what we see. The front harbour of Lunenburg. If we make a left down the hill and then right onto Montague st. We come to....
The Lunenburg Furniture Co. Yes, that is my hubby, Tony's shop. Now we are a family of two stressed out, self employed parents. I always recommend that there be one doctor, lawyer, teacher, banker or insurance broker in the family, but I have never been good at listening to my own advice. So, what we don't have is money, but what we do have is a lot of pretty hats and very beautiful furniture, most of which is in Tony's showroom. I kid you not. We are sleeping on the floor because the beautiful bed Tony made me is in the window.
Speaking of window...I love this view through Tony's Queene Anne Chair onto Montague st.
Aside from his beautiful custom furniture, Tony has created a line of products using the labels from old Salt Cod fish boxes. I have set up an etsy shop for him. It's neglected like everything else around here, but you'll see some of it. Great Christmas presents (hint, hint) Here's the shop. Both tony and I will be at the Lunenburg Farmers Market on Thursday, so if you live around here please come see us.
Lego and I are now on our way home. This is a few doors down from Tony's shop.
Back to my own shop. This is the pretty corner.
And this is my messy work table that better describes my reality. Thanks for walking with me. Come see us soon.


Gillian Wesley said...

So many exciting things in the works, Anna! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to checking out your husbands new shop on my next trip up!

Evelyn said...

Hi Anna: Well Anna, you are a happy girl!! The way you write and share your life shows that. So much better than the hustle and bustle of the big city. You appreciate the colors, scenery and even the breeze. You were so happy the day I met you. Sitting at the door sewing your hats. I will always remember thinking to myself how happy you were.
I still have to send you the pictures. I will.

Christy said...

Such a lovely town.

You are both very busy and creative.

My granma trained as a miliner back in the early twenties.

Do you have an online shop for your hats?

Thank you,
Lil Bit Brit

hatjunkie said...

Hi Christy, Thanks so much. The twenties would have been an incredible time to be a milliner. I have an etsy shop. It's Thanks so much for leaving a comment.