Saturday, August 31, 2013

Going Out with a Bang

Back to school. Bitter sweet. Bitter for Dusty and sweet for me. Just joking. It's been a wonderful summer, full of too hot days where we escaped to the lake, rain that we thought would never end, but did and then perfection, also known as August,where it's cold at night and in the morning, but slowly warms up into a summer day. We decided to end Dusty's summer vacation with a bang. We took a trip to Upper Clements Park in the Annapolis Valley. Tony and I were fully prepared to be complete martyrs about this trip, you know....what we won't do for our children, but in the words of the boy- Upper Clements Park Rocks! It's Awesome! Epic! Really, it is.
Because of this....
.....and this. While Dusty and his buddy (bringing a friend along was key to a successful day) were bombing down the giant water slide or taking their 25th ride on the roller coaster. Tony and I were enjoying our speed of rides. The park is filled with trees and places to relax, so we never turned into grumpy, parental monsters.
speaking of monsters, I did go through a veeerrry scaaary haunted house. I tried to escape a couple or ten times, but Dusty and Stuart were cruel jailers.
The highlight for the boys, both young and not so young was this wooden roller coaster. The younger boys went on it over and over and over. The older boy was pretty impressed with the fact that it was made out of wood. It really is pretty impressive.
Dusty and Stuart are two of the blurs in this photo.
It's hard to beat an amusement park where this is what you see off in the distance. The park is just outside of Annapolis Royale, which is my second favourite town in Nova Scotia. Lunenburg being the first, of course. We didn't go there this time because we knew that if we tried to do too much our perfect day could easily teeter over to the dark side, but I think next time we'll stay over night, so we can also leisurely walk through town.
Sure sign of a successful day. A bit fuzzy, but you get the picture.