Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A little piece of Happiness

I just can't stop staring at this picture. It was taken by my neighbour, Marc and was then transformed with this .99 app called etchings. That's my house with all those children in front of it, playing in the ginormous snow bank. That's me shoveling and that's my dog, Lego. Every time I look at this photo I realize that I made a dream reality. I wanted to live in a beautiful town on the ocean, where my son could walk out the door and play without me hovering over him. I live on the best street in the world. (at least to me) We have wonderful neighbours and I truly feel like I am in a community. The bank, the post office, the shops, the restaurants and the ocean are a two minute walk away. Of course, I also love this photo because it doesn't show the paint falling off my house and the lack of a proper front door, but those things don't really matter.


Annie Bennett said...

It's good to be happy where you are and with what you do and it's reflected in what you create. In the summer I'm going to make a trip to your shop. I started wearing hats because I have such lousy hair, and now I don't feel right without one.

Edie said...

Anna - It is wonderful to see live the way you do- you chose it - and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience.