Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Hat Shop Fit For a Princess

I realize that as long as I have to unload a car full of hat display and set up at markets in the wee hours of the morning that I will never be an actual princess, but I'm pretty darn close these days. I now look at the almost finished hat shop built for me by my wonderful husband, Tony (with only a small amount of attitude) and I have to admit, there aren't as many women as lucky as me. This is the men's hat department. No, I am not making men's hats, but Tony insisted that the cut outs on the bannister be men's hats and so, here you have the men's hat department.
No longer will I have to find fabric in a dark closet. I've got shelving! I look at this beauty and wonder how I will fill it up, but I know I am kidding myself. I have been collecting anything that looks like it might be useful to me at some point in my career for 18 years now and I suspect I'll be whining about not having enough space in no time.
This beautiful corner cabinet/counter actually stores my ugly plastic tubs which I use to carry hats and hat display to shows and markets. No more tubs in the dining room.
As you can see in this photo, the beautiful men's hat department serves the function of protecting customers and myself from falling down the stairs to the basement. I have promised Tony that I will paint that hideous paneling and the stairs. One more reason I am not yet a full fledged princess.
Here is the imaginary shop counter. One of the few remaining projects to be completed before I move in. The counter will look much like the other counters you see, but it will also serve as my cutting table. It will divide the section of the shop that will be the store and the section of the shop that will be my work space. So, next time I blog about my shop you will hopefully see photos of my hats up on the wall, mirrors, painted doors, a counter, victorian light fixtures and a beautiful sign. Poor Tony, he had no idea he was marrying into an indentured life. I'd like to say that at least I'm a good cook (which is kind of true), but Tony actually does a lot of the cooking too. O.K, I'm just a lucky girl. Hope to see you in my new shop in the spring!

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Heidi said...

This is soooo exciting! Looks great!!