Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hat Junkie Headquarters

I have been waiting so long to begin blogging about this very exciting development. It's finally beginning to look like a reality. I will soon have a new Hat Junkie headquarters. Tony has been working away in his shop, building all the components of my new studio and he has intelligently refused to show me the progress. In the past week, the room that was once covered in mold and mushrooms is transforming into a beautiful hat shop. I'll keep you updated with photos. Today the floor is going down and it already looks beautiful.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Boots and My Bike

A few months ago I had my bike stolen. It was a beaten up, rusty bike that was given to me new 20 years ago. It was clearly taken by a youngin' needing a ride to Tim Horton's. The bike had no monetary value at all, but I loved that thing like a trusted friend. The police said it was spotted a couple of times in the woods behind said Donut shop and then again at the skate board park, but was then not seen again. The point in all this is that after spending a small amount of time looking for a used bike, I decided that I really deserved a new one. This is my beautiful new bicycle. It makes me very happy. Although I had no business buying a brand new bicycle, I have justified it in many ways.
Speaking of justifying....These are my new boots. It's all about transportation. Plus, you gotta look good when selling hats, right? A few posts back, I mentioned how Tony made fun of me, saying that I would probably blog about my new boots, so I showed a little self control. I have since come to terms with the fact that I really am that shallow. Aren't they pretty?
It's all about being able to get to places like this in style. I took this photo from First Peninsula, which is the other side of back harbour. What you see in the distance is The Lunenburg Academy. The academy was a public school until last year. The rumour about town is that it will become an international music school for professional musicians. Would be nice.