Saturday, October 20, 2012

In The Studio Then on My Bike

I have been working on several wholesale orders these days. These hats are headed to the Dana Farber Cancer institute in Boston. Making hats for women undergoing chemotherapy is really one of the best parts of this job. So nice to make a woman feel pretty at a difficult time.
Tony takes Dusty to gymnastics on Friday evenings. Usually I work on making supper, but last night I said to heck with it. Let them eat bread. I hopped on my beautiful new bicycle and headed towards Blue Rocks. I'm sure my exhale was heard for miles around.


AliceAndFlorence said...

I love the colours of your fleece hats. I tend to knit several berets over the Autumn/Winter, I even wear them round the house, as well as liking the way they look, they are also very cosy!
You just can't beat a great hat!


Fabulous hats .. as always.

Vicky x