Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Felt Hat For a Change

My life has been shaped by Downton Abbey these days. We bought the first two seasons on Itunes and when we plowed through the whole thing in a couple of weeks, I went through a small depression and wandered around aimlessly for a few days. I tried watching other fluffy, romantic, British period pieces, but nothing compared. Finally, I decided to just watch the whole thing over again. It's just as good the second time around. I still feel obsessed about this series. This is from a person that almost never watches television or movies. This is different, though. The show just embraces a time when everything was slow. Fashion was slow. Every coat, dress and hat takes my breath away and I find myself wanting to have all the time in the world to make such creations. So, yesterday I pulled out the felt and started to block this hat. On the same day, my neighbour presented me with all these beautiful feather sprays that came off her grandmothers' hats. Now these feathers are having a reincarnation. I don't know how many hours I'll be able to steal to make more felt hats this season, but this one sure was fun.

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