Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Colour Crazy

Help I just can't stop! Since my friend, Heather, sold me her lot of procion fabric dyes and her top loading washing machine that she had rigged with a constant agitation cycle, I have found myself spending countless hours in the basement dying up new batches of colour. This is nothing like that box of Rit dye. Each colour takes around two hours, with several trips up and down the stairs mixing 7 lbs of salt, stirring up the soda ash to fix the dye and timing it all perfectly. Tony always marvels at how I need to do everything the hard way, but heck, he's one to talk with his dove tailed joints. I suppose we are two of a kind. Well, despite my belly aching, there is nothing quite as satisfying to me as bold, vivid colour and I am certainly getting my fix these days.

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