Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And He's Off!

Today Dusty decided that he could read. We've been reading for a while. Simple books, taking turns, the usual, but this is different. And it's all thanks to Lego. I bought him a guide to Lego Ninjago. The whole inside scoop, a look at the ninjas behind the scenes, what they like to eat, their favorite weapons and their famous quotes. This did the trick. Yesterday we alternated paragraphs and then this morning he brought it with him on the school bus. When he came home he announced that he had read two pages by himself. Now there's no stopping him. He has been sitting on the couch for an hour, every once in a while lifting his head to announce, "You gotta hear this!"
These are the moments that make it all worth while. The world is Dusty's for the taking.