Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to Maine

Happy New Year everyone. There was something of a reunion at Tony's sister's house in Maine over New Year's. It's a long weekend of family and gluttony. Amy's house is so beautiful and cozy that no one ever really wants to leave. Dusty was in heaven, sorrounded by doting aunts and uncles and most of all by his oldest cousin Eric. Here's the oldest and youngest cousin transfixed by the ipod.

Although Eric was almost the main attraction, it was really hard to compete with his fabulous girlfriend, Erin. She carried him around on her back for hours, built Lego with him and gave him her full attention. Wonderful for Dusty and even more wonderful for Mama.

Amy and I had an unexpected day to ourselves where we went to Belfast to shop and eat without any demands to go to a toy store or go home. Heavenly. Amy took me into Fiddlehead Artisan Supply. I walked into the shop and my jaw hit the ground and stayed there until we walked out much later. It's full of beautiful fabrics, ribbons, art supplies, books and everything that I want to buy. For more photos of the shop head to this blog

And now it's back to reality, which really isn't such a bad place.

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