Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Castle For a Prince

Tony was inspired this year and made Dusty a castle bed for Christmas. The challenge- assemble it while Dusty is sleeping in our bed on Christmas eve and transfer the sleeping prince into it so that he wakes up in his new kingdom. Tony rose to the challenge. There were some extra expletives when he realized he had to disassemble the old bed first. My job was to pick up the lego pieces off the floor. This kept me busy for a couple of hours.

Here slumbers the prince. Fortunately, he inherited the Chaplik sleeping gene. While Tony blasted away with the noisiest of screw guns, hammers, dynamite and swear words, Dusty slept like an angel.

The transfer was successful. The limp, sleeping body of Dusty was moved from one bed to another. Tony and I dragged our weary selves to bed around midnight and imagined Dusty's reaction to waking up in his castle. Would he notice the ladder inside the bed leading up to the trap door above? Would he climb it to the lego loft where he could survey his kingdom below? Would he sit in the chairs built into the turrets? Would he shriek with joy?

Dusty awoke at 5:30a.m came into our room and asked if he could go look under the tree yet. He did not notice the elephant in the room. Unbelievable, but it seems that Santa and his promise of a new Lego set blinds him to all. We did then mention the bed and he gave Tony a polite hug and asked again if we could go downstairs. Once the fire temple was assembled Dusty had his delayed joy for his new bed. He has not come down from the lego loft since, except to debate with me if the King has to listen to his mother.


Anonymous said...

Lego rules! What a funny story. Tony & Anna, you should be knighted for your work. --David

The new Lunenburg Schooners said...

What a lucky boy to have such thoughtful and talented parents ~ bravo! Susan

Thistle Cottage Studio said...

Oh Anna, That is SO adorable!!! What a wonderful present, and such talented parents!! Love the comment as to whether or not the "KING", has to listen to his mother!!! LOLOL!!