Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Escape

I haven' been writing much lately because I have been busy trying to get those wholesale orders out. It has been quite nice hiding away in my studio making hats, but sometimes I just dream of making something beautiful, impractical and that loses money in every way. So, with that in mind, I took the cable ferry across the LaHave river to visit my friend Aneta, who is an amazing felter. We sat together and with her guidance we felted a single flower for four hours. You can see where the losing money goal is fitting in.

Her house took my breath away. It was open, bright, whimsical and filled with beautiful details.

The house is mostly kitchen. Makes sense to me as that is where the party always ends up anyways, but the little living room was beautiful, too.

The railing up the stairs is made from a branch as are all the curtain rods. Amazing how clever people can be.

Here's where the laundy gets hung. How do people get these ideas?

Ofcourse, after making this beautiful long stemmed flower, all I can think about is how to turn it into a hat. As soon as I figure it out, I'll post the photo.

p.s. I'll be back at the Halifax Market in a couple of weeks.


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

A post and beam home!! I am like you all that wood, and that table! it feels so warm.

Four hours... I have done felting so I know how it is :-} wet hands and more rub rub rub.

Do pop by and say hello!
xx Lorraine xx

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

sounds like a well spent day! the house is delightful...i love all the sun streaming in the windows. i can't wait to see what you create from your project!