Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

When I signed up for this motherhood deal I had no idea of the magnitude and importance of Halloween. This here is my Frankenstein monster. There are many similarities between him and a boy called Dusty. Yes, I do go a little overboard with his costumes, but that is to make up for all the other days in the year when he tries to talk to me and I scream at him because I'm madly trying to finish an order. Hopefully, he'll remember the costumes. I will remind him throughout his adult life.

Here's the little monster trying to show his gratitude by kissing me with green face paint all over him. I grappled with posting this photo. It's not a pretty picture of me, but the other one was worse and I think by the time I got to the bottom of that coffee cup I looked a little better.

Yesterday I went into super pumpkin decorating mode. I cried to Tony that I just can't keep the house clean. He set me straight by explaining that you are either cleaning up or making a mess. I'm the latter.

Dracula was carved at 10p.m. right after I finished baking the blueberry muffins. Do I sound like super mom? I'm not. Super mom would have a smile on her face throughout. I flip out. So, monster is off at school, but he'll be back with a gaggle of children coming over for pizza and trick or treating. Off to make the pizza dough and then fill hat orders. I think part of me enjoys this. Happy Halloween!

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

cute! i love the frankenstein outfit!