Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When The Sun Shines in Lunenburg

When The sun shines in Lunenburg there is no more beautiful place on earth. We haven't had much of it lately, so on Sunday the whole town was out celebrating. First stop- ice cream shop

Sitting outside on our favourite chairs we happened to meet our good and most adorable friend, Lucy with her dad, Marcus. She was carrying her pet lasagna noodle.

We all headed down the street to the Dory shop where Tony has been working on the two schooners being built there.

Not the worst view in the world.

Dusty and Lucy seemed to have their own agenda.

The white box you see is one of the cabin houses that Tony built.

And here's my ruggedly handsome boatbuilder himself.

Next stop- Picton Castle, which is now docked in the harbour. The town feels so festive now. The Picton Castle sails around the world, but calls Lunenburg home.

There's no heading down to the waterfront without Dusty insisting that we go into the Fisheries museum. Doesn't seem to matter that we have probably been there over 50 times since moving here. Good thing we have a season's pass. Of course, one needs to be donning an organic cotton and hemp jersey hat when hammering trunnels into a plank of wood.

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

beautiful! what a gorgeous way to spend the day. dusty's little friend is adorable. i love those curls! by the way, your outfit is perfect! xo, mickey