Sunday, June 26, 2011

a fascination with fascinators

I officially declare this fascinator thing a frenzy. I have to admit that when things become trendy I want to run away, but I just watched this little video that really calmed me down and gave me an appreciation for how a beautiful fashion icon like Princess Kate can shape a culture. It is a phenomena. Don't get me wrong. I love fascinators and have been making them for years, but I have always enjoyed hatting the strong, independent hat wearers who have had the courage to be seen even before the media decided that it was O.K. Thanks Princess Kate for being a strong minded leader of beauty and thanks to a all my loyal customers of the past 17 years who have all been royal princesses in their own right.
Here's the link to this video featuring one of my best customers- Beauchapeau Hat shop in Niagara on the lake.
You can see the video by clicking here


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

very nice. i have enjoyed the fascinators...just the right pop of drama! xo, mickey

jetcap said...

This lady wear so small hat but it looks so beautiful. The rose design makes it attractive.

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