Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday at the Halifax Seaport Market I sold this Lana hat to a wonderful woman named Anne Tomlinson. She is just one of those ladies with such joy in her eyes that you want to study her and figure out how she does it. Anne strikes me as someone who juices every last drop out of life. She explained to me that her 97 year old friend, Ivan, bought this hat for her. I believe she charmed it out of him.
The conversation went something like this- Ivan do you think $76 is too much for a hat?
- Then will you buy it for me?
Us whipper snappers could learn a thing or two here. Don't you think?

This morning I received this wonderful little story and photo from Anne. She is taking my hat to Cuba so that she can write a story about Fidel Castro. She has promised me that I will fit into the story somewhere.

Here's the letter from Anne-

The Story of Lana

Oh gosh, how excited I am! My last trip was 5 years ago to Hawaii. I would like to bring back something about Cuba. After 50 years, I am curious to find out what is happening in the streets of Havana. I will bring my camera, my writing pad, and certainly my new hat, Lana! She is a tough chick with a closet romantic side, made in Nova Scotia from twisted seagrass straw. Her first walk today on the streets of Halifax was uplifting. It was only the second time this month that the sun was shining. Unfortunately where we were going to eat was closed for construction and a note was hung on the door that said, We will be back in two weeks to feed your bellies.

So we moved on to the Halifax Seaport Market, where I bought Lana. Her proud owner, Anna Shoub, warned me that she would attract attention. She was right! We were eating German sausages as a well-dressed man approached the table. He said he loved my hat. Lana said, Thank you, sir!
Who is Lana?, he asked
My hat!, I responded.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Virtual Visit

I realize most of you can't make it to the Seaport Market on Saturdays to come visit me, so I thought I'd post some photos of my little hat emporium. We can pretend.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday at the Market

Yesterday was so amazingly foggy. Looking out the windows at the Seaport Market in the early morning hours revealed one huge grey mass. And then the fog lifted. What a treat to be standing on the mezzanine and see a large ship pass.

I had some really wonderful customers yesterday. So fun to see my hats on these fabulous faces. My new organic cotton and hemp jersey line seems to be a hit.

I'll be at the Halifax Seaport Market every Saturday from 7-4. Stop on by if you're in the neighbourhood.