Thursday, February 3, 2011

We got it Too!

Finally! After hearing about the impressive snow fall just about everywhere except Lunenburg, I was really feeling left out. What's winter without snow? Well, here it is. Because our driveway is so close to our neighbour's, we have nowhere to pile the snow except the front of the house. There are two little creatures that like this arrangement just fine.


dakota said...

I keep thinking of you every time I look at, by a woman in NY who makes all kinds of things by hand and has your taste, I'd say. And really believes in hand-sewing...but of course doesn't run her own hatmaking business. Fun to catch up with you and Tony and Dusty and see how the hats are evolving and getting even more beautiful. As for the snow, you can have more of ours if you want, but it's really OK and we are fine.

joeyandaleethea said...

We totally didn't get it! None. No snow since Christmas day...which, was very, very nice...but we want more the greedy ones we are! :) Enjoy the lovely snowfall and that awesome little kiddo looks thrilled!! And, please do try to send some our way.