Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing Hat Junkie Organics

Something about February makes me dream about spring. There will be no trips to tropical islands this year, but at least while I am upstairs in my studio sewing away with my new fabulous organic summer fabrics, I can be sipping Pina Coladas under a palm tree in my mind.
I have started designing my new Hat Junkie Organics Line. As usual, before I'm satisfied there is a fair amount of foul language and throwing of failed hat bodies, but in the end it's all worth while.

This here is Traveling Mabel. She is made from organic, hand dyed hemp/cotton stretch jersey. She is completely packable, smushable and crushable.
I have found that my fleece hat line has been so successful because like me, most women want a hat that can be abused in any number of ways and still look like a million bucks after it has been sat on. It's just the times we live in. Between getting the kids off to school, working, walking the dog and making an attempt to communicate with the husband, prancing preciously around a delicate hat doesn't fit into many of our lifestyles.

And so, with this fact of life in mind, it has become my mission to create summer hats that are as neglectable as my winter hats. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Along the way I was able to support some other wonderful small businesses like Gaia Fabrics in British Columbia who hand dyes this fabric with procion, fibre reactive dyes. Since the dyes actually bond with the fabric, they won't fade with washing.
My new hang tag was designed by my friend, Andrea Dixon, who has become quite the successful hatter herself. Check out her site by clicking here.

Click here for the first of Traveling Mabel up on my etsy site. They'll all be up on my site soon as well as other fun designs.
Happy Hatting,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We got it Too!

Finally! After hearing about the impressive snow fall just about everywhere except Lunenburg, I was really feeling left out. What's winter without snow? Well, here it is. Because our driveway is so close to our neighbour's, we have nowhere to pile the snow except the front of the house. There are two little creatures that like this arrangement just fine.