Friday, December 17, 2010

Organic dog Food.....Really?

I am a walking target market. My shopping cart is always filled with organic junk food, any product that looks like it might heal our lives and yes, organic dog food with no corn, soy, sugar, wheat or GMO's added. I'm starting to wonder, though.

Yesterday was a classic example of my puppy's diet. At the park he got hold of a discarded lobster shell and poop from an unknown animal. (Sorry, for the sake of the point the details can't be spared.) He came home and washed it down with a mild solution of water and lead paint and maybe some T.S.P. (We are painting the bathroom.) For desert he had a nice chunk of polar fleece, which I got to see again this morning in a different form.

Maybe if I put the corn, soy, wheat, sugar and GMOs back in his diet he won't feel the need to supplement with poop, fabric, dirty kleenex and lego blocks. I don't know...What do you think?


Kristine said...

Hahaha! I wish that is all it took. Unfortunately, for the most part, you are just going to wait until he grows out of such habits. Most dogs do.

Unless you are unlucky, like me, but I am sure that will not be the case.

Nancy said...

Ok, Anna, you made me snort my coffee. I am SURE that the organic dog food will help. Maybe some aromatherapy and a recording of some Tibetan monks throat-singing will help soothe the puppy's inner dog and help him stop chewing and consuming everything? LOL

aliceinparis said...

Ah, the joys of being a dog. Funny!

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