Tuesday, December 28, 2010

April in Blue

I had the honour of making this blue merino felt hat for my favourite neighbour's daughter in law. It's the same as the yellow hat from the last post. I couldn't have a lovelier model.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grand Finale

Saturday was my last market of the season and it was truly grand. It felt like the finale of a fabulous fireworks display. I sold some of my all time favourite hats and it seemed like they were made only for these customers. I love to look at these photos and see the diversity of beauty in the women who buy my hats. Please check out my incredible artist friend Sheilagh's blog, Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea by clicking here. She took some really nice photos of me and my hats at the market.
And now I will take a much deserved break. I will be sewing, but this time it's for my boys. Happy Holidays Everyone and thanks to all my wonderful customers for allowing me to do what I love best.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Organic dog Food.....Really?

I am a walking target market. My shopping cart is always filled with organic junk food, any product that looks like it might heal our lives and yes, organic dog food with no corn, soy, sugar, wheat or GMO's added. I'm starting to wonder, though.

Yesterday was a classic example of my puppy's diet. At the park he got hold of a discarded lobster shell and poop from an unknown animal. (Sorry, for the sake of the point the details can't be spared.) He came home and washed it down with a mild solution of water and lead paint and maybe some T.S.P. (We are painting the bathroom.) For desert he had a nice chunk of polar fleece, which I got to see again this morning in a different form.

Maybe if I put the corn, soy, wheat, sugar and GMOs back in his diet he won't feel the need to supplement with poop, fabric, dirty kleenex and lego blocks. I don't know...What do you think?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My favourite Sale

Not to say that all my hat sales are not my favourite, but every once in a while there is the perfect union between hat and head that feels like divine intervention. Today was the Hubbard's Christmas Market and this lovely tall and stylish lady came up to me and said how she really wanted to wear hats, but somehow didn't. I had just made one of my wet feted merino hats this week. They are so time consuming that I rarely repeat one. Somehow by the time I get around to making another one I just need to try something new. This one was inspired by my friend Svenja's fabulous flower arrangements. Svenja is always combining purple, orange and green. It's so fun and it's something that never would have occured to me without staring at her beautiful flowers at all the market. You don't get to stare long because she is usually sold out before I can finish setting up my hats. Anyways, this hat was called garden dreams and along comes Lin. I new this was her hat and now I just needed to convince her of this. Honestly, it took about an hour, but it was worth it. I felt like I would cry if she left without the hat. She actually did leave, but came back. That was really fun. I've been so crazy busy, but hopefully I will have some time this week to do a little more felting for my last show of the season at the Halifax Seaport Market. Happy Hatting, Anna

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stop on by

Hi Everyone, It's Christmas market time. This Saturday I'll be at the Halifax Seaport Market from 7am till 4 pm. The following Saturday I will be at the Hubbard's Barn from 8-12 and the following Saturday back at the Seaport Market. If anyone is feeling sympathy for me about my early rising time I do appreciate it. It's so difficult to convince people that I really am a princess when I am on the road at 4:30 am and hauling boxes at 6am. Maybe next life. Here are some photos of my booth from last Saturday at the Hubbard's Christmas Market. You just never know what ingenious gift you will find at a farmers' market. I was set up next to Julia of Funky Monkey who sell these amazing sock monkey kits for the future crafters of Canada. She also does sock monkey birthday parties where all the kids get to make a sock monkey. Wouldn't work for my little warrior child, but I could think of a lot of kids that would just love this. You can contact her at thefunkymonkey@live.ca. Hope to see you at the market.