Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have found the restaurant of my dreams and it's just down the street. It comes fully equipped with delicious and healthy food, the nicest owners and waitress who treat their customers unbelievably well and best of all a beautiful five year old girl (daughter of the owners) who Dusty adores. Dusty and Lorelei head off to play with Lorelei's toys and Mama gets to actually sit and drink coffee while sewing a flower for my Madeline headbands. I think it has been seven years since I sat peacefully in a cafe. I can't recommend this place enough. Everything is fresh and delicious, they are super kid friendly, they have great prices and they are full of fun ideas, including live music and old movies for the winter. They are open every day except Wednesday. Right now they are open for breakfast and lunch, but soon they will be adding dinner. Check them out at 139 Montague st. in Lunenburg.


Kristine said...

Oh! I love the mugs! :-) I will have to stop by the next time I'm in Lunenburg.

Missing Goat said...

damn, wish I could! I love places like this - right up my alley.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

very fun! i love places like that where you kind of feel like you're at home, but you're glad dusty has a new friend too...we can never have enough of those!