Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wishing for a Hurricane

It is brutally hot here right now. I am a barely functioning human being. The good news is that a hurricane is on the way this Saturday. Today was farmers market day and thankfully we brought the show indoors. I came home to this wonderful e-mail from a customer from Massachusetts who featured one of my hats on her blog. This is her adorable daughter, Ruby, modeling the Lana Straw hat. I love learning about what people do. Particularly other women that run their own business. Check out Nina's blog by clicking here. If I lived in Massachusetts (again) I would be heading to one of her workshops.


Sherry said...

A darling girl in a beautiful hat! I'm wishing for a bit of that hurricane too. It's so hot here in NJ and we are looking for some relief.


Patchmaker said...

Here's hoping Earl brings some relief from the heat! Nice hat!

Missy M said...

oh i adore that hat! another fab creation sweetie x

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

that hat is too cute and suits the model perfectly!