Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, Right... The Beach.

I am ashamed to admit that yesterday was our first time at the beach this summer. I have lots of excuses, but I'll spare you. After hearing report after report from friends who said you could actually go in the water, we packed up the car and went to hang out with friends at one of Nova Scotia's most beautiful beaches- Risser's.
Indeed, the water was by these standards warm and we had a blast jumping in the waves and Boogie boarding. So nice to get out of my polar fleece life sometimes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bathing Caps and Bathing Beauties

The mornings are now chilly here in Nova Scotia. It still warms up pretty quickly, but summer's days are numbered. My table at the farmers' market is now filled mostly with fleece hats. Many of my new styles for 2010 were inspired by my friend Katja's bathing cap cosmetic bags. Check out her fabulous collection by clicking here

They really are incredible cosmetic bags. If like me you always manage to spill the conditioner or toothpaste while traveling, then this is the bag for you. Being a bathing cap, you just throw it in the sink and you are good to go. But I digress. The reason I'm showing you these bags is because after staring at them for a year I realized that the shape would make a great fleece hat. Then I got a little carried away and ended up with several versions. I couldn't pick a favourite child, so I just kept them all. You can pick your own favourite (or not), but I'm their mother and it wouldn't be right.

They are up on my website which you can see by clicking here as well as on my etsy site which you can see by clicking here.
That's really enough about winter hats. With about three weeks left till the first day of school we headed once again to our new favourite spot, Beck's Lake. If you live around here and want to know how to get there just ask. It's the main teenage hangout, but those big kids can be quite inspiring to my little kid.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. We're definitely enjoying ours.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Guy

This is my guy and this is what he does. Every waking, breathing moment. Lego, lego, lego. Other than finding it between my toes and up my nose, it is the best toy in the world.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

See How My Garden Grows

I am successfully neglecting every plant that I have managed to plant this season. These ones are a little harder to kill. They are all part of headbands and hats headed for Jane's Fashions at 44 Ontario st. in Stratford, Ontario