Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Ex Revisited

It's that time of year again. The Big Ex is in town. There was no earthly way to avoid it. Although we went on Tuesday it has taken me until today (Saturday) to be able to write about it. That's because my son had that kind of impressive kicking and screaming meltdown in the middle of the busy fairgrounds, just outside the bumper cars that caused me to step away from him and inquire to passersby if anyone knew whose kid that was.
Once we got some food in his tummy he did calm down and really had a great time. Poor mommy and daddy were a little shell shocked, though. I know, one day we'll laugh about this or miss it or something like that. So, little six year old Dusty went on every ride that he was tall enough to go on. Surprisingly, they are allowed to go on some pretty scary rides. Tony is 3 from the left and Dusty is right next to him in the 4th spot. Wasn't sure by his expression how much he was enjoying the full tilt experience, but he said he did. The thing that most impressed me was this bird in the poultry exhibit. The photo does not do it justice. The feathers were light pink with these powder blue feathers on its head. Looked like a hat to me, but then again most things look like a hat to me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The CBC Interview

O.K, My technological skills are really being tested. It took about a month, but I finally figured out how to convert the DVD of my CBC interview for the internet. Just a refresher- Queen Elizabeth visited Canada, beginning her visit in Nova Scotia and the CBC contacted me to do an interview about hats in her honour. I was a major stress case, but I pulled it together and managed to get all the lego off the floor. Hope this works.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lilly's Hat

Here's one of my favourite little girls in her new hat. Lilly and Dusty have been friends since we moved to town a couple of years ago. She's pretty comfortable here. She has often asked me for a hat, but she has her very own strong artistic vision and you just never know if you're going to get it right. So, last Thursday we did this one together. She chose the flower, ribbon and type of straw and was very adamant that it looked like a girl's version of Dusty's hat. Lucky for me Lilly's Dad, Jason, is a super talented professional photographer, so I scored these amazing photos. Check out Jason's web site by clicking here if you are in need of a wedding photographer. If any other big or little girl needs this hat as well then just click here.