Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Queen and Baby ducklings

What a whirlwind of a week. The CBC did come to my house on Monday to interview me. I would say I was sickly nervous for a few days prior, but when I woke up Monday morning I just calmed down and went into performance mode. Colleen Jones was really fun. She is something of a force of nature with so much exuberance and energy that it is plain to see how she got the job she has as a CBC anchor and is also a former world champion curler. So, It was Colleen and a camera man for about 45 minutes and really we just played hat shop which is what I do best. I did see the clip yesterday on our local Nova Scotia news and they did a great job. I'm on for less than a minute, but they were really kind to me with promotion. It will air on the national news on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They weren't able to pinpoint a time, though. Hopefully it will end up on the web site and I'll post a link.
The Saturday and Sunday before the interview we had my very good friends Anna and Roland visiting from Massachusetts. Anna Vojtech is an amazing illustrator and artist. Check out her web site by clicking here. We went swimming at our local lake and there was a very calm Mama duck with 11 ducklings just hanging out. They had no fear of Dusty (not really great judgement) and allowed him to approach within a couple of feet. Such a nice diversion from thoughts of Royalty and television interviews and messy homes.
Yesterday moring I woke up to a panicked e-mail from a woman in Halifax who was invited to have lunch with the queen this coming Tuesday and desperately needed a hat. I quickly made her one of my Lilly Pad Fascinators for the occasion. It was great fun making it knowing that my hat was going to lunch with the queen. If you also need the same hat for a lunch date with the queen click here.
And now for the next 3 days I will do nothing but complete the wholesale order for Beauchapeau Hat Shop in Niagara on Lake. They have been very patient with me. Until next time....Happy Hatting!


Andrea on Third Street said...

That's so funny - when I read the name of your friend, I thought I recognized it from one of the kids' books. Sure enough - the book is Elehpant Song and Anna Vojtech was the illustrator! Small world.

rachel awes said...

what a beautiful collection of pictures/every one! happy summer
to you!!xo

Missing Goat said...

wow - how cool is that! congratulations. come on over - I made a raspberry tart - but there aren't any raspberries in it. Bit of a flight for an empty tart? your call.

Queenplinker said...

Congrats on the interview!

I'm swooning over the waterlily headpiece! I've been thinking of waterliles all day..Then saw the photo of that hat, again, swoon. Beautiful!

Have a great day, Lynea

Nancy said...

Congrats on your interview! And on having one of your hats meet the Queen! Love the pics of Dusty playing in the water...reminds me of childhood visits to my grandparents' house.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I'll be watching tonight to see you for that fleeting minute. And what a darling hat.

mhelfield said...

I am so happy for your Anna! May this just be the tip of the iceberg!


wishful nals said...

how neat! a hat for lunch with the queen :) xo!

Earthula said...

congratulations! on the intervies and the Queen view.

Great duck photo!

Check out the blog for another one of your hats making an appearance!

Cheers Anna!