Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new Raffia Hat

Here's one of my latest creations. She is named Rachel and just loves sipping tea in the garden after a long hard day of pulling up weeds. She is made from raffia straw, linen and a vintage handkerchief. As my old native New Orleans roommate used to say- first you decide what you want to wear, then you find somewhere to wear it to and then you find someone to take you there. You can find this hat in my etsy shop by clicking here.


nancy said...

I love that quote! And the Rachel is quite lovely! I thought of you today as I put a hat on...but I don't own one of yours yet, so I may have to go shopping on your site!

Earthula said...

Oh my. Perfect.
I will paint tea ladies with your

They are so great, Anna.

(we have our tickets to Halifax for the end of September. Sister in law lives in Hubbards. My uncle lives in New Glascow. Will the market still be open?)

Cinquefoil said...

Ah, another lovely one! And the quote is indeed a lovely one, I think I shall have to post that on my wardrobe door.