Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great Market Day

Today was Hubbard's Market Day. It is official that I will be there every alternate Saturday throughout the season. It was nice and warm today and the crowds came out to buy great veggies, plants, cupcakes,coffee, flowers, jewelry, aprons and ofcourse.....hats. My new Raffia Coffee hats were a hit and I sold two of the three that I had made this week. I have been thinking quite a bit about who is my target market. As you can see from the photos of some of the ladies that purchased hats from me today that there is no way to figure this one out. I didn't actually sell a hat to the bear, but she was very interested.


Sherry said...

Oh, the flowers look divine, love the colors Best of luck with the market, I love the hat (I'm guessing the kind you sold 2 of 3 ) the little girl is wearing.


Earthula said...

well as far as the target market statistics it works out good that the bear didn't buy one!

Congratulations on the sales!

Pinecone Camp said...

You are so talented! A dancer, and a fabulous hat maker...I'm a little envious, I have to admit.
That market sounds fantastic. I haven't been to Nova Scotia before, but my husband and I are secretly planning a cross Canada journey sometime in the near future. Great to "meet" you. Have a lovely Sunday!