Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Behind Every Successful Hat Maker.....

Behind every successful hat maker is a genius graphic designer. In my case it's my super talented friend, Andrea Dixon. Our partnership started 25 years ago at Lennie's Whole Foods in Cabbagetown, Toronto when I was assigned the job of teaching the new girl how to use the cash register. She was a natural. A couple years later while I was off tripping the light fantastic in NYC, Andrea was busy raising two kids, Gabriel and Sally with hubby Doug and cleaning baby vomit off the staircase. I used to come home from NY and hang out with Andrea and family in this alternate universe. About 15 years later Tony, then baby Dusty and I paid Doug and Andrea a visit. They were hanging out in their yard, drinking a beer and their kids were off somewhere without them while Tony and I tried to keep Dusty from eating the house. Once again a visit to an alternate universe.

Over the years I have watched Andrea's talent take many forms. Back in her Baby Mama days it could be seen in the little details of her home and then I remember her telling me she was going to take a night course in this thing called Photoshop. Suddenly she was showing me all these adorable illustrations. Sometime soon after that came the first hang tags for my hats. Over the years she has done so many amazing postcards, tags, labels and my web site.

Often, the illustrations of the hats were so uniquely her own creations, so it was no surprise when less than a year ago, Andrea started designing a line of her own fascinators. Her model is that little baby, Sally that I loved to visit when I came home from NY. Check out Andrea's amazing new web site by clicking here. It's all about her new fashion designs, but she is still busy doing graphic design as well, so don't hesitate to contact her if you need her particular brand of adorableness for your projects. Also take a peek at my web site by clicking here to see more of her illustrations.


Earthula said...

What a great connection!

Hey, Anna, I used your Daisy Rose hat in a painting.. what do you think?

Lyndsay said...

I love Andrea's work, her designs are super cute!