Sunday, April 25, 2010

pandemonium, chaos and a very happy birthday

Wednesday evening, 10 p.m bake cupcakes. Planet earth for my six year old earth day birthday boy. Please don't ask me to identify any continents. Use of imagination is highly recommended. Thursday- Head to school with cupcakes, teach dancing to kids. Thursday evening, bake more cupcakes for family party. Friday- excitement continues for imminent Saturday kid party. Friday night- bake cake, make 4 pizza doughs. Satuday morning- Tony who lives in fear of there not being enough food requests two more pizza doughs. Resistance is useless. Clean house, prepare excuses for absence of bathroom sink. 11 a.m- guests arrive. Extremely proud of child for not grabbing gifts and tearing them open when people walk in. 11:15- vague sense of happy, wild children and many parents with beer bottles in hand. 5:15- Last guests leave. (we enjoyed their company and ignored children at this point.) 7 p.m, Dusty begins planning his party for next year.
Sunday- Catatonic parents, child volunteered to go to bed at 6 p.m.


Earthula said...

planet earth cupcakes!

too good.

What an amazing child..He volunteer to go to bed at 6?

Happy Birthday to him.
Bravo to you!

tony said...

Well not exactly volunteered more like just crawled into bed and conked out. I think he mentioned something about a little rest.

Andrea on Third Street said...

You make me laugh. My daughters 4th birthday is this Sunday - wish me luck.