Thursday, April 15, 2010

Madeline goes to the Pyramids

A lovely customer who purchased this Madeline headband from Lilliput hats in Toronto sent me this photo. So nice to know that my hat is living a life of adventure and travelling the world. (and on a camel)


Earthula said...

Adventure Hats!

That is amazing that you get to know what adventures they are on!

I may be in Nova Scotia in September... I will bring you a Bismarck and ...get one of your amazing creations!

rachel awes said...

oh my gosh! it's almost like a children's book "where did all the hats go?!". love this! this is one lucky lady! she not only gets to wear one of your hats, but look at the places she goes!! x

Andrea on Third Street said...

What a rush when the things you make get to travel the world! It's so cool that she sent you this picture.